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ProPilkki 2 [v0.95] Winter Fishing (2012/PC)

Informācija par spēli

Nosaukums: ProPilkki 2 v0.9
Oriģinālais nosaukums: Propilkki 2
Versija: v0.9
Gads: 2012
Izstrādātājs: Procyon Products
Faila veids: exe
Valoda: English , Finnish


This simulation of winter fishing. All the Very realistichno and zhiznenno like on a real ice, stunning graphics, the actual process of fishing, a great variety of fish, as well as a big plus propilkki2 - winter fishing is that you sit at home in the warmth of your computer and you do not need to spend time on the Numerous costs, charges, choose a successful weather, which should coincide with your day off to go fishing. You only need to download the game, install it on your computer and to fully enjoy the process of fishing!

• 20 new costumes: 7 standard suits and 13 colors of the team (perhaps the color of).
• scrolling chat in multiplayer.
• Ability to change screen resolution in the settings during the game.
• Display resolution of high definition (1920x1080).
• Changing of the screen (windowed and full screen mode) using F11 on / off.
• For online play, administrators can move players in and out (/ in and / out).
• In AutoCAD, you can choose the next lake and the type of game (/ lake or a / game).
• For network administrators to add the game commands / autohost on / off, incl. and off. AutoCAD.
• Added a command in a network game: / autoscript on / off (autoscript searches for commands from the file "autoscript txt" after each event. Using commands / lake and / game, you can create lists of sequences of the game.
• When catching a record fish, the sequence shown in the reports on the dashboard.
• Used rods are shown in the file records.
• If you want that in your file, Records of catches remained only 0.9 version. Pre-clean the file Records from the previous version.
• The results of the competition have the opportunity to list all the fish in order of weight.
• The results of competitions and reports have shortcupt arrows scrolling (PageUp / PageDown), which can be used to jump to any position / next player / fish (next / previous player / fish).
• Increased the font names of players on the ice.
• Solo cups have a direct connection with the configuration of the game.
• In the log file (chatlog.txt) was added to the date and time. The journal has been added to the data from the lake and the type of game (race).
• RecMerger updated program management.
• Fixes supports screen resolution of several display.
• Several other improvements and bug fixes.

Sistēmas prasības

Operētājsistēma: Windows
Procesors: PII-300;
Operatīvā atmiņa: 64 Mb
Video karte:16M Video 3D


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Screenshots / Ekrānšāviņi

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Kategorija Games/PC
Izmērs 87.88 MB
Skatījumi 13584
Lejuplādēts 3541x
Ievietoja anonymous
Pievienots 2012-11-25 @ 20:11:02
Statuss 2 devēji, 0 velk = 2 iesaistīto

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